Today marks The world day of the anesthesiologist-resuscitator

The World Anesthesia day, which is celebrated in many countries annually on October 16, is traditionally considered a professional holiday by anesthesiologists-resuscitators and all specialists in this field of medicine.

Anesthesia — loss of nerve sensitivity. Artificial anesthesia is used for pain relief in surgical operations, dental treatment, injuries, etc., as well as in other areas of medicine.

The history of this field of medicine began in the mid — 19th century-on October 16, 1846, the American dentist Thomas Morton performed an operation under ether anesthesia. This was the first time that the successful use of anesthesia to create General anesthesia was publicly demonstrated. As an anesthetic, he used inhalation of diethyl ether. Therefore, October 16 is considered to be The World day of Anesthesia.

Although, of course, painkillers have existed in the world since ancient times. For example, many Indian tribes used to reduce the sensitivity of the juice of various plants. Also known is the ancient Greek physician and philosopher Dioscorides, who, traveling with the Roman army during the time of the Emperor Nero and practicing medicine, noticed that the use of soothing medicines made from Mandrake, allows more successful operations, which increased the chances of recovery for wounded soldiers. By the way, it was he who first applied the well — known term "Anesthesia".

Along with the development of society, knowledge in the field of medicine was also improved, including in anesthesiology, which eventually led to its separation into a separate branch of medicine, which now inherently accompanies not only surgery, but also psychiatry, narcology, and other areas of medicine.

In modern medicine, there are General, local and spinal anesthesia. Preparations and methodology for anesthesia are constantly being improved, as well as the knowledge and skills of specialists in this field of medicine, who today deservedly receive congratulations from management, colleagues and friends on their professional holiday.

Happy holidays, colleagues!


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