On October 12, many countries celebrate world arthritis day, which has been held annually on the initiative of the world health organization (who) since 1996.The main purpose of this Day is to attract public attention worldwide to the problem of rheumatic diseases, raising awareness about arthritis in all its forms, uniting the efforts of physicians, patients and the public in addressing issues of prevention, early diagnosis, medical and social rehabilitation of patients with this disease.

Arthritis is a serious inflammatory disease of a joint or several joints that, if left untreated, leads not only to pain and restricted movement, but also to disability and disability. The causes of the disease are different – often arthritis occurs with repeated light injuries, open or closed joint injuries, with frequent physical exertion or with a genetic predisposition. In addition, the development of arthritis is provoked by viral and bacterial infections, hypothermia, physical and mental overload, and even excessive Smoking. In some cases, the factors of occurrence and mechanisms of development of the disease are not fully understood.

The inflammatory process causes a violation of the structure and function of the joints, which leads to pain, stiffness, swelling, which ultimately leads to irreversible destruction and disability of the patient. Arthritis is a large group of joint diseases that includes more than 100 diagnoses, the most common of which are arthrosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

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