Introduction to managers. Center for Economics and health technology assessment

The Republican center for healthcare development is a team of experts, real professionals in their field. Today we would like to introduce You to the head of the center for Economics and evaluation of healthcare technologies of the RCRC.

Meet Tabarov Adlet Berikbolovich, graduated from Semipalatinsk state medical Academy, specialty "Pediatrics". He started his career as a pediatrician at a district hospital. Then he continued his work in practical health care as the chief doctor of a rural district hospital in the East Kazakhstan region, after which he completed a clinical residency in the specialty "Pharmacology" at the Kazakh State medical Academy (Nur-Sultan). After graduation, he worked as an assistant at the Department of General and clinical pharmacology of Kazgma. Adlet Berikbolovich successfully combined teaching with clinical practice as a physician and clinical pharmacologist to the JSC "National scientific center of maternity and childhood".

Having gained experience of a public servant in the Department of preventive and curative work of the Ministry of health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, since 2011 he continued his career in the Republican center of health care development MH RK.

In order to improve the healthcare system and develop processes for evaluating medical technologies, including the processes of searching for and providing an evidence base for medicines and medical technologies, the center for Economics and evaluation of healthcare technologies (HTA) was formed in 2019. Adlet Berikbolovich constantly improves his knowledge and successfully implements in his work the knowledge and skills acquired in different periods at courses and seminars. at the moment, he is studying at the MBA. Participated in international conferences on OTZ with reports (Seoul, South Korea, Moscow, Russia). He is the author of 3 scientific publications on OTZ in foreign journals.

The center for Economics and HTA continues to work on improving and institutionalizing HTA in Kazakhstan: improving the NPA, forming a database of experts on HTA, evaluating and selecting medicines and medical technologies in the lists of SVFMC and OSMS, taking into account the principles of evidence-based medicine, the results of pharmaco-economic analysis and HTA. In addition, the center conducts methodological and expert work on the development and revision of clinical protocols in the country. The center for Economics and HTA conducts monitoring and analysis of national health accounts of Kazakhstan and is actively collaborating with WHO on this issue.

The center plans to digitalize measures for the evaluation and selection of medicines in the reimbursement lists for this purpose, a platform will be developed that should ensure transparency of all processes during the evaluation and selection of medicines.

He devotes all his free time to his family, raising three children, introducing them to work and environmental education. He is fond of plant growing and gardening.

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